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PACOM’s Harris Urges More Subs, PGMs, Ships At HASC

While North Korea threatens to shoot and sink American aircraft carriers and launch nuclear weapons, Pacific Command is running short of precision-guided munitions. And Pacific Command does not have enough surface ships, submarines and...

Allies Can Help US Lower Weapons Costs, Build New Force

Shifting from a primary focus on counterinsurgency land wars to building a high intensity combat force able to prevail against peer competitors is a significant challenge for the United States and its closest allies...

SMART HRS Unveils New 8TB HRS-M1HC Solid State Drive (SSD)

SMART HRS unveils a feature-rich, cost-effective, multi-level cell (MLC) Flash technology solution to applications requiring high-density storage for use in hazardous and / or critical environments. …read more Read more here:: Naval Technology (Naval)

China launches first domestically-built aircraft carrier

By Michael Martina BEIJING (Reuters) – China on Wednesday launched its first domestically built aircraft carrier, which will join an existing one bought second-hand, amid rising tensions over… [[ This is a content summary...