USSOCOM Signs a 5-Year Framework Contract for Saab Dynamics’ Versatile Carl-Gustaf Weapon System
Defence and security company Saab has signed a new framework contract with the

USSOCOM for the company’s Carl-Gustaf man-portable weapon system (in the US named MAAWS; Multi-role, Anti-armour Anti-Personnel Weapon System).

The contract is a follow on agreement to a previous five-year contract for the 84mm recoil-less rifle system. In connection with award of the contract, USSOCOM issued an initial order with a value of approx. US$14.3 million. (Good proof point! – ed.)

The framework contract enables the USSOCOM to place orders for weapons and ammunition over a five-year contract period up to a total value of approx. US$187 Million.

The Carl-Gustaf system has a successful history and has successively been modernised and adapted to meet new requirements. Anticipating future operational needs, a new, lighter weight, version of the Carl-Gustaf is currently under development. The next generation system will also include additional functionality that will greatly increase the capability of the already formidable weapon system.

Other recent advances to the Carl-Gustaf system include the release of the new 655 CS HEAT (Confined SpaceHigh Explosive Anti-Tank) round designed to reduce back blast and allow soldiers to safely employ the weapon in confined spaces, minimising the hazardous effects of traditional shoulder fired munitions.

(Source: Saab Press Centre)

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Source:: Naval Forces magazine (Naval)

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