MAST Asia 2015

MAST Rises, Exhibitors Say

YOKOHAMA, 14 May 2015 Defence industry representatives participating in the MAST Asia exhibition say that this event offers invaluable benefits for them to enter into more in-depth discussions over possible industrial cooperation. Japanese firms actively pursuing closer ties with defence equipment manufacturers from North America and Europe note that one effect of the new policy by the government in Tokyo has been that some of the country’s biggest and most innovative enterprises are investing more money in the commercialisation of defence equipment in the region. Some exhibitors expect that trading could reach valuations usually associated with high-growth sectors.
One project, Australia’s “Collins” class submarine replacement programme, could be the biggest contributor. NAVAL FORCES was told that “there is still a realistic chance to receive a contract [from the Australian government] to build up to 12 submarines [based on the “Soryu” class design built for the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force].” Besides Japan, only France’ DCNS and Germany’s ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) are bidding for Australia’s submarine programme.
Another big contributor, Japan’s NEC Corporation, has identified new business opportunities in the fields of harbour monitoring network systems and electro-optics, with the latter including the AEROEYE II infrared (IR) imaging camera designed for shipboard and airborne applications. NEC’s EO Systems Department Manager Hiroaki Ono told NAVAL FORCES that the system also attracted the interest by non-military organisations; “Our [thermal imaging] products enhance their missions in the fields of SAR [Search and Rescue], firefighting, and law enforcement.”

[Next will be a special defence equipment and photo coverage. See also the next issue of NAVAL FORCES in July for an in-depth MAST Asia 2015 report and analysis.]

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