Kearsarge Amphibious Ready Group returns to home after seven months deployment

The U.S. Navy has announced that more than 4,500 Sailors and Marines with the Kearsarge Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) safely returned home July 18 upon completion of a successful seven months deployment to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East areas.

“The Kearsarge ARG’s deployment provided the U.S. Department of Defense with a versatile amphibious force option with forward presence in support of regional partners to safeguard waterways and provide an ability to react to emerging crises,” said Kearsarge ARG Commodore Capt. Joseph O’Brien. “To that end, the Kearsarge ARG participated in Operation Deliberate Resolve, Operation Freedom’s Sentinel, and multiple other named operations to further security and stability in the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.”

According to O’Brien, the mobile, scalable, and self-sustaining nature of the Kearsarge ARG allowed it to perform precision amphibious strikes and support various security cooperation efforts in three geographically separate locations during its deployment.

“Naval forces are inherently flexible and ready to respond to emergent tasking around the globe to provide combatant commanders with critically needed capabilities,” said O’Brien. “This ARG’s ability to disaggregate forces and operate efficiently and effectively across multiple areas of responsibility during this deployment enabled us to simultaneously fulfill the security requirements of three combatant commanders and that’s no easy task. It took a lot of coordination, training, and expertise from the deck plates up the chain of command and I couldn’t be prouder of this team.”

The deployment afforded the Kearsarge ARG with an opportunity to enhance the interoperability of Navy-Marine Corps amphibious forces with partner nations and allies through their participation in eight military exercises, including Exercise Alexander the Great, Exercise Sea Soldier, and Exercise BALTOPS 2019. In total, the Kearsarge ARG made port calls to a combined 13 different countries in the Middle East and Europe.

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