CH-53E heavy-lift helicopters transported over 500 Marines during Air Assault training

U.S. Marine Corps’ workhorse helicopters designed for the transportation of heavy material and supplies, CH-53E Super Stallions with Marine Heavy Helicopter Training Squadron (HMHT)-302, conducted massive flight maneuvers near Marine Corps Air Station New River, North Carolina.

During Air Assault training, nearly 500 Marines in waves loaded onto Super Stallion heavy-lift helicopters to seize and hold key terrain meeting an opposing force.

Air Assault operations allow the commander to maneuver rapidly to achieve tactical surprise and mass forces, regardless of obstacles, and without dependency on ground lines of communication. These operations embody the combined arms concept through coordination and planning between the air and ground commanders.

Air assault operations are not merely the movement of Marines, weapons, and material. They are deliberate, precisely planned, and aggressively executed combat operations that allow friendly forces to strike over terrain barriers in order to attack the enemy when and where the enemy is most vulnerable.

Operations like these are necessary to the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing in order to maintain a constant state of readiness, according to officials of 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing.

Photo by Cpl. Paige Stade
Photo by Cpl. Paige Stade
Photo by Cpl. Paige Stade

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