U.S. Navy sponsoring development of a cloud-computing environment

The U.S. Navy is working to develop a technologically advanced cloud-computing environment for enhancing the agility and responsiveness of naval warfighters, according to an Office of Naval Research service news release.

“The Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the U.S. Navy’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program are sponsoring the development of a cloud-computing environment called Cloud-to-Edge (CTE),” a service news release states.

The CTE environment is designed for use by Sailors and Marines across land, sea and air domains. It enables secure combat system development; automated software testing and analysis; and scalable simulation. It also improves readiness, through extensive pre-mission training, feedback and assessment, and enhances operational information-gathering and decision-making.

The ultimate goal is to enable the Navy to make software changes (without requiring additional authorities) and assess the performance of CTE environments either on single vessels or within larger Carrier Strike Groups—against a variety of defined mission scenarios. The result will be certified software, deployable by the Navy on demand, for all Carrier Strike Groups.

“This is a great example of ONR partnering with Navy SBIR to fill a technology gap,” said ONR Executive Director E. Anne Sandel, “by helping companies transition and commercialize their technologies at scale.”

“An important step in getting the CTE environment to the fleet is ONR’s work with Navy SBIR to accelerate technology development by partnering with small businesses,” said SBIR Director Bob Smith.

The key component of the CTE environment is the Automated Test and Re-Test (ATRT) system, which delivers software-driven capabilities to the warfighter as quickly as possible. Virginia-based company Innovative Defense Technologies (IDT) developed ATRT after receiving SBIR funding to design technology that would promote rapid integration, testing and certification of new and updated software.

Earlier this year, the Navy successfully tested ATRT as part of the AEGIS Virtual Twin project—which involved the tactical deployment of a …read more

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